This is a piece from a brotha I have been corresponding with for some time. You will hear about big thangs from this one and keep a look out for his book. This a real "spirit of Isanusi container."

(excerpt from a speech)

"The Africentric Logic and its [D]ivine mission to destroy Black Inferiority"

omari aka al' idrisi (tha blk moor)

There is no supreme authority on Kmt, the Eurocentric or the polycentric view of Kmt is no more correct than the Africentric perspective. This, in essence, thus, leaves one to choose which stand is more feasible and viable to one's purpose. I, as an African, believe the Africentric model is the most accurate, because of the fact, the Africentric paradigm speaks directly to me concerning Kmt relevance to my being and vice versa. For me to choose another platform is self-negating and culturally negligent, especially a platform that asserts Kmt is not an African nation and therefore will not be treated as such. To place Kmt and its accomplishments, including its geography, into the Mediterranean world or the "Middle Eastern" realm is to devalue Africa and the African people.

This, my brothers and sistas, is inherently and ingeniously racist, as well as, supremacist, because for one, this ideal expresses that only Westerner's ([w]hite [a]mericans and Euro(peons)) are capable of classification of world, in terms of logic and reason. I'm constantly referred back to a statement made by Wade Nobles, "Power is the ability to define reality and have others believe your definition as if it were their own". We, as an African people, can not allow ourselves to

continue to be powerless, as the 21st century approaches, we must incorporate self-determination.

So, my people, the choice is ours. Do we stand by and let others decide on our affairs and potential or do we educate ourselves, stand as regenerated people and provide ourselves definition, based upon our previous experiences and context? Singing "we shall overcome" is only but one step towards the end, no, we must take

control, seize the moment and race to "the promised land," a united and empowered people, if we are to survive. . .


"The greatest weapon of the oppressor

is the minds of the oppressed....... "

Steve Biko