Well folks, it is FINALLY OUT.
After a FOUR YEAR wait and his questionable passing. . .
A Moral, Political and Economic Imperative for the Twenty-First Century
has finally been completed and has hit the stores!!!!!!!!!!!
858 pages of reading with a 25 page detailed Index
31 chapters with graphs, tables and charts.
This IS the quintessential text to take us into the next millennium!!!
This is from the back cover:
    Afrikan life into the coming millennia is imperiled by [w]hite and Asian power. True power must nest in the ownership of the real estate wherever Afrikan people dwell. Economic destiny determines biological destiny. Blueprint for Black Power details a master plan  for the power revolution necessary for Black survival in the 21st century. [w]hite treatment of Afrikan [a]mericans despite a myriad of theories explaining [w]hite behavior, ultimately rests on the fact that they can. They possess the power to do so. Such a power differential must be neutralized if Blacks are to prosper in the 21st century.
    Afrikan [a]mericans earn a take-home salary of near $500 billion yearly, not to mention the trillions they generate. Yet they retain only 5% of this income. Viewed as a nation, their income would be the 8th or 9th largest in the world. Afrikan [a]mericans possess enormous potential to amass effectual social, political and economic power and thus control their destiny and secure their liberation. Professor Wilson argues that were the Afrikan [a]merican community to see itself as indeed a de facto nation, then its scourges of poverty, disemployment, crime, miseducation, wanton consumerism, alienated/deficit spending, mis-leadership and powerlessness would be drastically reduced, IF NOT ELIMINATED!!!
    Blueprint posits that an Afrikan [a]merican/Caribbean/Pan-Afrikan bloc would be most potent for the generation and delivery of Black power in the [u]nited [s]tates and the world to counter [w]hite and Asian power networks. Wilson frames this imperative by deconstructing the [u.s.] elite power structure of government, political parties, think tanks, corporations, foundations, media, interest groups, banking and foreign investment particulars. Potentially strong Black institutions as the church, media and think tanks; industry; collectives such as investment clubs and credit unions; rotating credit associations such as Afrikan-originated esusu, tontine and partner are analyzed. Pan-Afrikanism, Black Nationalism, ethnocentrism and reparations are assessed, often misused and underused financial institutions as securities, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, underwriting, and incubators advocated, thus elucidating oft-negated opportunities for economic empowerment. Blueprint delegitimates [w]hite power and roundly critiques the Black sycophantic bourgeois religious leadership establishments for their historic moralizing of Black socioeconomic conditions and programmatic ineptitude. Wilson warns the consequences of Black obsolescence--biological annihilation!
    Aptly titled, Blueprint for Black Power stops not at critique but prescribes radical, practical theories, frameworks and APPROACHES FOR TRUE POWER. It gives a biting look into Black potentiality. This 900-page treatise is a journey into the protracted.

Lastly, from pages 98 & 99, under the subsection, The Realization of Afrikan Consciousness:

    Afrikan consciousness will realize its full power, second to none, when it dedicated itself exclusively to the advancement and satisfaction of Afrikan interests BEFORE ALL OTHERS ; when it bases its organization on a realistic and truthful knowledge of Afrikan history and culture, a truthful knowledge of the history, culture, intentionalities, and powers of the enemies or would-be-enemies of Afrikan peoples; when it acquires a solid and courageous knowledge of reality, and self; when it becomes determined to achieve self-control, high self-esteem; when it achieves self-acceptance, and develops its ability to form more affirmative, affectionate, cooperative intragroup relations; when it produces to and for its own satisfaction; when it organizes itself to overcome and overthrow [w]hite supremacy and successfully defend Afrikan peoples against the deprecations of other ethnic groups . . . The royal road to Afrikan Power, to Black Power, to a powerful Black Consciousness runs through the reclamation by Afrikan peoples of their Afrikan identity and their irresistible will to be the determiners of their own ultimate destiny.

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From the video tape of the same name...
"We are as complex as any other people. There are some of us who feel they can answer the problems of Afrikan people in 25 words or less. . . If other people have whole libraries dedicated to their problems and experiences, then so do we and if other people have large texts examining themselves, then so do we [need them]."
(Since this webmaster just received his copy, there will be a book review in the future exploring  and discussing the text.)