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    This site is dedicated to the memories of those explicit Pan Afrikanists, those who fought for the total liberation of afrikan people, for afrika and her childrento be free & sovereign & have the ability to governthem
selves on their own terms...... however,
this site is different from the multitude of others purporting to be "pan-afrikanists", in hat we do not need any dead-white-men's philosphies to solve our problems. Afrika & her children can get out of the troubles they face today from the wisdom of their own ancestors, elders, creator(s), ideas, etc.
    So yes, we do not need capitalism or communism -scienific or otherwise; we do not need christianity, islam, judiasm, hinduism, etc; nor do we need democrats,  republicans or the parliment for proper solutions... besides all of these have shown not to work anyway, which is more evidence that Afrikans the world over are to return home spiritually, cultrally and hopefully physically.