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Afrikan centered being defined as "Utilizing the history, culture & philosophy of Afrikan people, as the frame of reference for organizing one's approach to reality-survival and understanding in the world. The conceptual framework or orientation to reality (values, beliefs, definitions, rituals, customs, practices, etc)"[K.Kambon-African Personality in america 213]


Kamau Makesi-Tehuti is an up & coming Afrikan Centered Scholar/activist. He has dedicated the last 12 years of his life to INTENSE study of Afrikan people in general, Afrikan culture, identity and Traditional Afrikan Spiritual Systems, specifically. While in San Diego (where his “awakening” happened), he was African Students Union Vice President & President of San Diego City College (1994-1996), high ranking member of The Afrikan Cultural Society (a grassroots Afrikan based organization which brought political & cultural education to the general Afrikan public of the area, 1995-1998) and African Students Union Activities Coordinator, San Diego State University (1997-1998). He also created or was co-creator of numerous Afrikan Centered publications-The Talking Drum, Connecting Afrika’s Children and the nationwide newspaper The Naked Truth (1996-2000).

While in Chicago, he was affiliated with The Kemetic Institute and member of the TACC (Temple of the Afrikan Community of Chicago), spearheaded by scholar and Master Teacher Dr. Jacob Carruthers. He also worked in Afri-Ware, an Afrikan Centered Bookstore and cultural center and briefly started Afrikan World Analysis, another Afrikan Centered newsletter.

Within wider organizational bodies, Kamau is still presently a proud card carrying member of the Pan African Associations of America, International Headquarters (1995 to present) and was the Historian of the Association of Black Psychologists, San Diego Chapter (1997-1998).

Now, while presently in the DC/MD area, Mr. Makesi-Tehuti is currently affiliated with NationHouse/Ankobea Society (One of the most unapologetically Afrikan centered independent institutions in the region) and has been a member of their ALTR (Afrikan Leadership Training Retreat) for two of the last 3 years as well as being a member of the Marcus Garvey UNIA-ACL (United Negro Improvement Association- Afrikan Communities League) Woodson-Jackson-Bey Chapter. All who know him, peers and elders alike, will testify to his deep scholarship, critical analytical abilities and intense passion & love for Afrikan people.


Kobi K. K. Kambon (AKA Joseph A Baldwin) is a Professor of Psychology and Chairman of the Psychology Department at Florida A & M University, the only psychology department known to have an African-Centered thrust in its training program.

He has guided the development of this outstanding program for the past seven years. He is an internationally recognized scholar in the area of African (Black) Psychology, specializing in African personality, mental health and cultural oppression. Brother Kambon has numerous publications in the general area of African Psychology and some of his recent work appears in The Journal of Black Psychology and The Western Journal of Black Studies.

He is the author of the well-known African Self-Consciousness Scale, an African-centered personality test. He received the B.A. degree in Psychology from DePaul University-Chicago, and the Ph.D. degree in Personality and Social Psychology from the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. Bro. Kambon is a former National President of the Association of Black Psychologists (1982-83) and currently serves on the Editorial Boards of several national African-focussed periodicals, including The Journal of Black Psychology and The Western Journal of Black Studies. He is the recipient of the Association of Black Psychologists' Distinguished Psychologist Award (1990), as well as numerous other recognitions from psychological, Black Studies, student and community organizations for his contributions to African Psychology and African community development.

Dr. Kambon’s published works are The African Personality in America: An African Centered Framework; African/Black Psychology in the American Context: An African Centered Approach; and for 2003/04 Cultural Misorientation: The Greatest Threat to the Survival of the Black Race in the 21st Century