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Mind, Body & Soul

In order for man to truly evolve and exist in mental, physical and spiritual health into the next century there are a few things that should be common to our beliefs about life;

Everyone understands that The Most High (by whatever name you call Him-Her) is the container and essence of existence.

Belief that the Spirits or Energies of our Benevolent Ancestors are with us to help guide us in this realm. (also called Angels)

Belief that the human being has not begun yet to experience his full potential.

Belief that People of the Earth will evolve now faster than we have before if we abandon the ways of the solely left brained mind. (Negative Habits- smoking and substance addictions, eating meat, etc)

Belief that the link to understanding our potential is rooted in the forgotten traditions and we have to dis-embrace distorted perceptions of reality.

Belief that the World as we know it is going through an evolutionary season (weather etc) and many people that choose not to evolve mentally, spiritually and biologically will suffer.

Belief in the freedom of creative, regenerative and positive expression. To allow a human being to grow and develop is the best gift that a person can give. This is true freedom.

Belief that Violence, War, negative and destructive thinking is the by product of thinking that has not developed much beyond the reptilian mind. Humans today still have not learned to use much more than 8 percent of their brain (no matter the size for it is irrelevant) and have not developed the ability to tap into higher realms.

Belief that spiritual energy struggles each lifetime to unite the Soul with the Body. Spirit is energy that connects all with the Most High and the Soul is the body double in the spiritual realm. Belief in the Mind, Body and Soul complex that makes up the human being. The Physical and the Spiritual are linked by the Mental.

Belief that the Physical World and the Spiritual World are equally important for they are both created by the Most High.

Belief that the womb of a Woman is one of the most important parts of her body as well as her Man’s. This is the portal in which the highest expression of their love is manifested in life reproduced. All new life is an expression of the Most High’s love for creation and is most precious. No one has the right to murder another or commit suicide. To poison one’s body or temple or induce another to do so is an abomination. Our bodies belong to the Most High so we don’t have a perogative over it’s destruction. This is Clear from Wisdom.

Belief that it is imperative for the human being to stay on a constant path of evolution. The path we call simply The Way is a spiritual, physical and mental path that leads to the Most High. Anything contrary is degradation.