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Be careful of what you wish for . . . Boy do I have a lot of stuff to type to you. But before I get started, I’de like to know if that is really you in the picture? How can I be sure? How do I know that you are not a hairy, male who is in the back woods of Alabamy and stumbled upon a computer? How do I know that you are not a spy trying to lure me into a trap to stain and tarnish my reputation by catching/putting me in a compromising situation? How can I know that if I am bearing all, at the hopes of reaching the very depths of your inner womaness and the heights of your sexual Afrikanity and you are a white gurl with Black friends?

How can you ease my tensions . . .

You look very attractive in your picture collage. Are you sure that you are the age you stated? This could be part of that trap from above or you could look damn good… but don’t forget that I am older and wiser J J What happened to the leg shots? I am a leg man and if they are jacked . . .well . . ., whaddup? Why aren’t you a picture taker?

Yes I have heard of Delbert Blair but I don’t have anything by him. If you see the tapes, tell me what you think…


Scheduling a time may be interesting because I am a night owl. So subsequently, I wake up late. So noon your time, is roll over time still for me . . . so is that the ONLY time you are on line? What do you do during the day . . .

Have you checked the ISLAND links yet, woo-mahn!!?

"Concerning their politics and efforts to seem benign, that is where we have power in accordance with Nature in our awareness. I wasn't trying to contradict you or excuse their behavior." I agree that it is here where we are "supposed" to have power but we don't. More of us need to be in tune with Nature to reap her benefits. We, collectively, are a long ways from that so only a few of us can see this as a power.I didn't see it as a contradiction. We just have a difference of opinions, for whatever reasons. Do you feel that we can use this as a power now?

The "for your own sanity" part, just remember that part of the truth telling is letting him know the good WITH the bad so he can have a full perspective. You'll have to tell him about the destruction and distrust from the caucasoids, and how to deal with that based in reality. As long as you don't shield, you both will do fine.

Married. The "m" word. It is somewhat shocking . . .ummm and this one brotha who just has a hold on you, and a finger and a tongue… (don't mind me), child #2 . . .hmmm . . . you believe in immortality huh? Let me get nosy for a minute. Are you really ready to be single? You won't let him back in anymore? You aren't still somewhat attached to him? Seems a little more that, "that's just my baby's daddy!" With the child support, I ain't mad at ya. If he ain't doing his job, and you've attempted the nice route, HANDLE YOURS!!!

"I enjoy your friendship and would be deeply hurt if you took that away from me ." AWWWWW!!! That is just plain sweet!!! Answer me this. I have read that one problem with the Aries woman is that they can release themselves intellectually and sexually with men, but they WILL NOT open up emotionally. What is your take on this? You rams are also to have a horrible temper and don't really know how to deal with your anger? Is this true for you? . . .Honestly?

(you are cute . . .if that is you)

"lennox lewis. Is that allright with you??? NO!!! I can't stand the punk actually. "Would you likke a spot of tea?" Not from you, you woosie pants. A 3 year old has a better chin that he does . . .Brandon has a better chin that he does. Nope, bad taste . . .



The integrity and honesty is commendable. And jus plain cool to. In the world of all having benz, jags and beamers when they really got bus passes, chevy's and yugo's . . . you are refreshing (so far)

"and if I were out there having sex, I would definitely be using protection" So, you are into that "HomieLoverFriend" thang huh??

Nosy again. How will you deal with this "love" for him? Can you have other relationships? Will you put relationships on hold because of this "love?" Can he use this "love" to manipulate you and keep you out of relationships? Will everyone new only be a bad imitation of what you once had? I know I would hate to spit at you (Detroit!!!)… I mean I would hate to try to talk to you (as if youd'e have me . . .) and right when I was ready for something deeper, you come at me like, I want to give baby daddy, 1 more chance. I'de be crushed, but couldn't have nothing to do. Y'all got that permanent type of bond. How are you going to deal with that "love?"

What's up with you and this jerry springer rerun lifestyle ????????

Interesting things going on. You are busy yourself. What have you learned from that whole ordeal?

Explain to me what was your first awakening? When did you get on your African Centered path? What is Afrikan Centered, what does that mean to you? Do you practice any daily or special rituals? What made you disillusioned with christianity? What made you want to look at Afrikan Spirituality? Do you love or like Afrikan people? Do you feel that if a person has a natural hairstyle/ Afrikan art throughout their house that they must be "conscious?" Why or why not?

Tell me what you think about the following:

I want a relationship like planets. I have a planet that has a gravitational pull as well as its own orbit. My mate should have her own planet, with its pull and orbit. When we get together, NEITHER planet should become the center of the others Universe; both planets should coexist in a harmonious balance between their rotations and with the pulls.

This right here is enough to keep you busy for a while, so I'll stop. (damn, you look nice . . .) After all of this, I'm sure that you will have a ton of questions for me. . .and I shall be ready.

Ready, ready, ready to type you back . . .


(tell me about this dream, details gal, quit teasin' a brotha!)