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The Black Empowerment Committee, Inc.
Mission Statement:

To empower, enhance and enrich the Black community through economic
independence, self- reliance, and cultural awareness.

Our philosophy is Black Nationalism, the owning of our communities and our
nations by our people. We believe that African people throughout the world
should control their destiny and direction in the future.
Our philosophy is Pan - Africanism, the cooperation and unity of Black people
throughout the world. We believe that in division we are weak and
vulnerable as a people, but our strength is in our unity.
Our philosophy has an African World View, the viewing and interpretation of
the world through ideas and terms that best fit our collective people.

1.To end the economic oppression of the Black community through the building
and promotion of Black owned and community oriented businesses. It is our
belief that economic oppression leads to social oppression and the other
ailments we face as a people.

2.To fight the injustice, oppression, and ignorance that afflict our

3.To open a Black owned and community oriented business that will provide a
model for economic expansion throughout the country.

4.To promote the learning and appreciation of our rich history and culture. It
is only with knowledge of ourselves that we will be properly guided in our

5.To create a newsletter that will update the community on the struggles
fought by our organization in particular and the historic and present struggles of
our people in general.

6. To have culturally rich programs and activities where our people can come
together in celebration and unity.

7. To encourage everyone in our community to do their part to bring about a
revolutionary change for the independence of our people in the 21st century.

For more information on the organization, please contact:
Mukasa Afrika at
(773) 955-9671
Kamau Rashid at