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Volume 1, Issue 7 ‘The Official Journal of the SANKOFA People’ December 1998

Herb of the Month

Echinacea (Echinacea Angustifolia)

Baba Esco Babatunde II

Escofhari – WorldCO International

Family; Compositae

Gender; Male

Spirit; Baba Lu Aiye

Planet; Saturn

Juju Powers; Strengthening Agent, Health

Element; Earth

Day; Saturday

Also called Black Sampson, this herb is a great booster of the immune sytem. Used to treat septic and infectious conditions. It has viral, fungal and bacterial countering properties. It works very well with its partner Goldenseal. Strengthens Juju work for healing. .5-1 gram of dried root 3 times a day.

Available at:

ESCOFHARI’s Holistic House

2644 Randleman Rd

Greensboro NC 27406


‘Where Science, Culture and Spirituality are one and the same from head to toe!!!’


Excerpt from ‘ONA IFA’ (the Way of Wisdom)

By Baba Esco Babatunde II

Melanin is more than skin deep. Many people discount the color of our black skin as being like a curse. If one were to truly study the stuff that makes us various degrees of chocolate to pecan you would find that it is actually a blessing. The Almighty put it there for a reason. It is not there just so you can look like candy basking in the sun in the summertime.

It is not there to make you and your mate more attractive to each other nor to protect you from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. It does all this but that is the side effect.

Melanin is in every living thing in the entire universe. Your brain even floats around in a sack of melanated fluid. If it did not you would be tone deaf. You would also not have good reflexes and you would not heal properly or think clearly.

Melanin’s primary function is to allow living things to receive God’s Divine Life Force. It has it’s own intelligence. Without the ability to absorb Solar energy, Life force energy, Sonar [sound] vibrational energy, Electromagnetic energy your pineal gland would calcify. If your pineal gland or third eye calcifies you would not be able to intuit spiritual things. You would feel disconnected to The Most High Father’s Creation. Your Pineal gland secretes melatonin naturally at night when you sleep. This helps to soothe the nerves and allows you to dream in color and communicate with the Ancestors in the other realm. When you sleep did you know that your ancestors can communicate with you? They bring us messages that can help us with our daily lives, we just have to learn to listen and observe. The pineal gland is the Third Eye that can see on another dimension beyond time and space. It is the eye you use to see your Father and his Creation Beyond. Your ears absorb sonar frequencies, eyes absorb light frequencies, you hair absorbs electromagnetic wave energy [like an antennae on your radio or television], your mouth absorbs dense molecular frequencies, your pineal gland absorbs the higher frequencies and your skin absorbs all the electromagnetic and collective other frequencies. Your brain of course is the central processing unit. All of these acts requires Melanin.

Melanin acts as a precursor for all neuro-transmitory activity. Without it you will have all types of neural and neural asociative disorders [NADs]. When we don’t get enough sunlight our body slowly begins to shut down. This is why it is important to get plenty of sunshine everyday. Your heart needs it to function. It is that important. Light energy allows every other form of vibrational energy to exist. Without Light there would be no such thing as fiber optics. Another fine invention by a Black person, did you know that?

So Melanin is more than skin deep. The more Melanin you have, the better functioning the Pineal gland, the more awake you are in the daytime and the deeper you sleep at night. Even Melanin keeps time for your natural body clock.

'Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven (Orun) for that is the House of the Wise.' 12000+ year old Afrikan Proverb.