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Volume 1, Issue 6 ‘The Official Journal of the SANKOFA People’ November 1998

Herb of the Month

Quassia (Picrasma Excelsa)

Baba Esco Babatunde II

Escofhari – WorldCO International

Family; Simarubaceae

Gender; Female

Spirit; Oshun

Planet; Venus

Juju Powers; Love and Attraction

Element; Water

Day; Friday

Also called Wood Root. Used to attract love and keep it. It is a bitter tonic that will help the digestive system and get rid of parasites in the body. Drink it as a tea to keep the health strong and to assist the fighting of general weakness. .3-.6 grams 3 times a day. Found in the West Indies in particular Jamaica.

Available at:

ESCOFHARI’s Holistic House

2644 Randleman Rd

Greensboro NC 27406


‘Where Science, Culture and Spirituality are one and the same from head to toe!!!’


Excerpt from ‘ONA IFA’ (the Way of Wisdom)

By Baba Esco Babatunde II

Love is one of the most important aspects of the human character that it should not be played with. There is no such Love as the perverted lust that most people refer to as love. This is lust and at its least infatuation. Some people are infatuated with the body or face. Some are drawn to the way someone walks or just into the concept of love itself.

These do not make for a successful relationship as a foundation. Love cannot be instant and it cannot be coerced. Love is a developmental process. It is the process of growth that leads to enlightenment. Love allows for an enchantment at times but an enchantment that can only exist when the people know each other well. This is the Love between Man and 'Womb'Man. This is a natural type of development.

There is also a love that exists between people that are not in a relationship. This is or should be an unconditional relationship between friends. The Love between a man and woman should have had its foundation as the unconditional loving friendship. The others do not work. There are plenty of statistics in Western Society that substantiate this reality.

Some people in the West cannot understand how in Afrika and Asia we have marriages that are arranged by families that can last until ones departure from this plane of existence. This is because of the Moral nature of the parties involved. The families have been researched for three or more generations so the compatibility factor is assured. The people are allowed time to develop first as friends and then Lovers. The desire to enhance the family structure is so efficient that they can even marry as friends before they become Lovers.

True Love is divine but it is a Divine Process. It allows two human spheres of 180 degrees to join and become 360 complete degrees. At this point Love can become so potent that it can produce a fruit that is strong and able to evolve fully. It is important not to produce life when there are lustful and decadent motives behind the process of Love-Making. This negative vibration is transferred to the spirit of the unborn child. Look around at the result of this perverted love. It will take a special soul that can overcome the spiritual stains of decadent love. When we see one who has transcended this from childhood they must be commended for breaking their parents spell of lust. They are special.

It would, however been more of a chance to produce great children if the level of Love had been developed by the parents before hand.

Lust always ends in hurt, pain and suffering in the long run. The price to pay for violating the spirit of Love 'Oshun' is too big a price. No one in their right mind would even attempt it.

"Women hold fast to your jewels for the right Man will truly cherish you. Men Hold chaste for the Jewels you receive in the long haul are more priceless than all the Rubies of our beloved ancestor Solomon."

'Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven (Orun) for that is the House of the Wise.' 12000+ year old Afrikan Proverb.