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Volume 1, Issue 5 ‘The Official Journal of the SANKOFA People’ October 1998

Herb of the Month

Horehound (Marrubium Vulgare)

Baba Esco Babatunde II

Escofhari – WorldCO International

Family; Labiatae

Gender; Male

Spirit; Baba ELegbara

Planet; Mercury

Juju Powers; Protection, Exorcism, Mental Strength

Element; Air

Day; Wednesday

Also called Bull's Blood, Eye of the Star, Soldiers Tea and Seed of Heru. It is used for protection against sorcery. Can be blessed and scattered as a holy herb against demonic possession. The tea will clear your respiratory system of phlegm. It has antispasmodic properties and is a bitter tonic. It is used to help fight bronchitis, chest colds and whooping cough. .5 to 2 grams 3 times a day as needed. To promote healing properties put some herb in cool water in a bowl and leave in the room. To drink as a tea will also help to clear the mind and your thoughts.

Available at:

ESCOFHARI’s Holistic House

2644 Randleman Rd

Greensboro NC 27406


‘Where Science, Culture and Spirituality are one and the same from head to toe!!!’


Excerpt from ‘ONA IFA’ (the Way of Wisdom)

By Baba Esco Babatunde II

The head is a very important part of the human body. The spiritual head (Ipori) and the physical head (Ori) are equally important. The spiritual head houses the mind/soul (Eleda) and the physical head houses the Brain. One does not exist in a living being without the other. The soul is the essence of our earthly being and the brain is the central processing unit of our bodies. The brain houses the largest mass of neurons in our body. It controls every part of our bodies through the electrical system known as the nervous system. It takes all the various forms of energy from the cosmos and transmutes it into information packets that cause us to exist and evolve physically. When it no longer is able to hold an electromagnetic charge it causes your soul to separate from your body. This we know as death.

Your brain is the link between the physical and spiritual worlds. It processes the energy perceived as thoughts. It also processes the energy of sound, visual information, the energy absorbed from food, the Sun and the electromagnetic fields that circulate our environment continuously. Without the brain we would not possess a life force. Our life force is charged all the time from the processes aforementioned.

The spiritual head possesses our souls processing unit. It allows us to tap into our divine destinies. It is what we use unconsciously and consciously to communicate with our ancestors, nature spirits and subtle and not so subtle organizing energy fields. It keeps us in tune to all aspects of creation. It links us to The Most High.

We take energy into our bodies in various forms. Our ears process vibrational energy, our eyes embrace visual molecularly dense matter. Our mouths take in chemical energy for the electro-chemical processes. Our hair absorbs and processes electromagnetic fields of energy that surrounds us.

The Father valued our heads so much that he also made our antennae the best type of protection for our brains. So hair performs two functions to protect and most importantly to absorb energy. That is why we have the most hair normally where energy is absorb into our bodies and where energy is expelled from our bodies. Energy flows into our personal North Pole and moves into the direction of our personal South Pole.

Women are naturally more sensitive to the subtle energies that surround us and at times during the month are even more sensitive which can cause headaches from the intense flow. That is why it is important for them to cover their hair during the more sensitive times of the month. It is also important to cover when the energy surrounding one is peculiarly and subtly hostile. You wouldn’t want to absorb anything that doesn’t belong to you!!!

All Afrikan Holistic Ceremonies begin with a blessing of the Crown or Head. This is because it is very important that the head be tempered and cool in order to deal with spiritual energy which can create heat. So the next time you wash before you pray don’t forget to bless your head from the crown to the back of the neck. The blessings you receive may depend on it

'Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven (Orun) for that is the House of the Wise.' 12000+ year old Afrikan Proverb.